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   R&D center has always been in the forefront of the market, follows the EPS industry trends and develops hi-tech energy-saving EPS equipment. In addition for existing varieties, it continuously improves design, technical and economic indicators and the competitive edge of our products. At the same time, R&D center closely integrated research and markets and customers to provide customers with quality products and services.
   R&D center continuously improve application-oriented research and development to create value for customers. After 20 years of development, number of devices, staff and products has been increasing, now it has different research groups for pre-expander, block molding machine, cutting machine and electrical control.
   The B1 level EPS network control of vacuum block molding machine, network control of EPS pre-expander, EPS continuous cutting line and CNC cutting machine production line etc. have been added to our main products variety. Strict control procedures and advanced equipment ensure that the appearance of each new product must undergo a rigorous review and testing reform, so as to ensure its stability and rigourousness.