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Pneumatic Type

    Product Name: Pneumatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine
    Model: PW Series
    All the moving steps are controlled by the PLC system. So it is much more convenient to learn to operate and it can cut the wire mesh automatically.
    For this machine, the welding speed is not only fast, but also the lack welding rate is below 2%.
    1. It adopts imported PLC programmable Control System and touch screen (5.7 inches) to realize automatic control.
    2. Wire feeding device adopts length-adjustable air cylinder, which can adjust the length of the feeding wires.
    3. The gasbag is manufactured by our factory (which had won national patent), it has features of strong clamping strength, stable running and accurate position .
    4. Welding firmly, can adjust the second voltage of the welding transformers according to different wire diameters.
    5. Can set the mesh length according to requirements to realize the automatic cutting of the mesh.

Item PW-1200A
Mesh Wire Diameter: 1.8-2.5mm or 2.5-3.0mm or by requirements
Wire Mesh Hole 50mm*50mm or by requirements
Mesh width 1200mm or by requirements
Input Supply AV380V 50HZ 50KVA or by requirements
Air Source Equipment 3m3/min, 0.6-08Mpa
Welding strength ≥330N
Lack welding rate ≤2%
Number of Warp 25
Welding Speed 20-25(times/minute)
Machine Weight 1.5T

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