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PSF I Type Full Automatic Discontinuous Pre-expander

 Product Introduction

• The machine is controlled by PLC full computer touch screen displayer which realized a full automatic cycle operation of material feeding, steam feeding, temperature controlling, foaming and discharging, and the quantitative material is exactly and rapidly fed after compressed.
• The foaming process in the machine is realized in a fully closed stainless steel barrel under constant pressure with high thermal efficiency, economized steam, shortened curing process and high foaming magnification.
• The machine is composed of famous brand and high quality pneumatic components which can supply a reliable quality and convenient operation to ensure a precise temperature control and uniformity of beading and density.
• The equipment is made of stainless steel sheets with reasonable structure which is convenient to fix and adjust feeding material so as to reach the needed granule capacity. The 140 type can realize first and second foaming respectively.

 Technical Parameter


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